Like Mother like daughter 

Lately the problematicness concerning child rearing has been occurring to me.

Most especially the instances where I believe it is wholly inadequate to bring a child into the world.

I see someone who is still very much stuck and fixated with their childhood having born several kids. A fixation that can be understood because they were not loved or nurtered enough as a child, forced into the realities of adulthood oh too soon. Naturally they cling to and yearn for that childhood love to be met.

Except, now they bicker with their children as playground antics would go. Now they compete with their very children for the attention they feel they were deprived of. The Child’s accomplishments unable to be celebrated. Feeling slighted at any display of inhibited independence or individuality.

It is a shame.

Please ensure you feel loved enough, ensure you feel whole, ensure you learn to love yourself enough before you attempt to bring another into this world.


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