…and whilst i ask myself for the one hundredth time why i always seem to attract Ungratefuls, (yes, we are terming them!), i wonder if this is an inevitable fate i seek to avoid?

Is it not more than a colloquialism that opposites will perpetually ‘attract’?

For, is the measurement which we use in identifying a single state, not just a comparison of that single state against it’s surroundings?

‘Good’ is only good because we have seen goodness in action, in relation with badness. Things are only termed ‘bad’ as their conditions have appeared less favourable in comparison to that of the ‘Good’.

And we can go further as to say generosity can only exist in the existence of reluctance of such. I am what i am because there are others unlike me.

It’s less of an attraction, and more, two synonymous states, one of which’s existence foretells identification of what we learn to be –

Good, and Bad.

The Generous, and the leaches of the earth  the Ungrateful.



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