I am Being Manipulated.

the funny thing about a leos childlike quality is that you can get so lost in the beautiful warmth of one’s self that you forget that not everyone is as genuinely good natured as you are. It is scary that this is what you do to an acquaintance you openly and genuinely profess to like. that what are you capable of doing to those you dislike, let alone detest? it is scary that this is surface-work, this could very well be the workings you are unconscionable of, the matter-of-fact sequences of a scorpion sting, and i believe you are genuinely capable of intentionally setting out to destroy someone, conscionable of ensuring you do so in the most negatively crushing fashion. its not my job to save people. you are trapped in the lower energy of your sign, which only you can bring yourself out of. i wont permit myself to be feasted on any longer.


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