Venus in Virgo: A Leo Sun Comment

Murakami: Venus in Virgo… very challenging. When people say “you should love yourself first before loving others” I want to scream… My Venus is not only in its fall, Virgo, it’s also badly aspected. Looking at myself and what I’ve done in terms of relationships (I’ve had none at all), it’s kind of like I don’t know how to love in the literal sense. I want to love badly (Jupiter in 7th urges me onward), but I fear myself too much to break down the barricades. It feels really pathetic to be this way, for this proud Leo.


Nefariouslash: Same here, bro xD Forever single (with all the massive opposite sex attention one can only desire) and with this huge craving for love, physicality and warmth..feel cursed :{ Me Leo too. Sad Leo.




Murakami: Let me tell you, I have both a capricorn and virgo Stellium, and it’s a daily struggle to deal with this crushing energy. I’m lonely and feel terrible about myself more often than not, thanks to transit Pluto square transit Uranus forcing an ugly, years long triangle in my chart.

I need some serious therapy to fix some deep issues. I wonder what happened to the happy Leo sun/Sag moon girl 😦

Losophina: life happened. it really doesnt let you keep leo sun girl for long. Although i understand It is necessary to breakdown the one dimensional misconception about Leos. Imagine someone with too many Leo placements? they would disgust lol i mean at times i almost disgust myself with how truly Great we are… (this very thought drips self-assured magnificence)

We are a beautifully complex energy, and only those who truly deserve to comprehend and experience us will encounter it.


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