Jack of All Trades, Master of the Clone!


#Leo has so many talents and skills it’s often very difficult for them to choose a career since they will excel in so many.

So there i was scrolling through my timeline, Next…Next…NEXT, the leo within was obviously unimpressed, until i reached the tweet above. Yes, if skim-read it surfed the superficiality of tooting one’s own horn, but those with deeper understanding of the true leo would be able to grasp the existence of this genuine struggle.

So i had to make it known, that is, ‘without sounding like a dick’, this is a serious and pivotal issue in my life right now.

I cannot be doing jack of all trades, but at the same time can’t be wasting extra talents!

There are 3 fields i want to excel in as a budding young professional but, i am often overcome with the feeling of having no time. I need like 2 clones or something…I figure my need to engage with all these debates simultaneously, and actually affect each of their systems by providing innovation and solution, stems from my make-up as a person, because i have always wanted more, and deeply understood i could request more from myself. It is both a curse and a blessing having heightened awareness of your capabilities, for example, I could never enter into a field with too much occupational stability n closure, like Medicine, it would kill my entrepreneurial spirit.

Its all possible though! i just need to stop the melodrama, schedule my time and remind myself that the 30s are the new 20s ^_^


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