Cause the same people that tried to black ball me, Forgot about two things, my Black Balls.

Today i felt very Kanye.

Today many flaccid attempts to relate to me were made;

by the flipping of the forefinger onto the middle finger,

by throwing ’50 pence’ in the conversation in the hope that i would somehow latch onto this as a sign of Hip-Hop knowledge,

by giggling whilst suggesting a number of possible meals i may have enjoyed the other day involved a ‘pounding’ of some sort,

by suggesting hilarity existed in the fact that i resided in a particular Town.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, for a Leo i am capable of putting on hold how seriously i take myself, and finding humour in my ways and somewhat catastrophic life when viewed microscopically. But i think the frequency at which these apparent ‘jokes’ had been made had moved beyond banter and become laced with spite and rather eerily, i felt the speaker felt vindicated with every word.

You see, I did know how obsessed our society was with class, till i began working with some insecure people at the top.

And it is actually very saddening watching an ethnic minority who has had somewhat of a brush with success, incessantly pipe up about things which would highlight the distance between their class and that of another upcoming ethnic minority.

Now, i do not believe in the repressive thought that my skin colour being uncommon in the field i wish to succeed in may hinder my chances at triumph, because i simply believe i can achieve anything i truly want to. For me, fears realised and actualised, turn fears into obstacles. This ethos has carried me thus far, and i know will continue to propel me in the future.

However, it was just interesting to be met with the ‘demeaning character’ so often attributed to the ethnic majority, in the ethnic minority. Alas, i know class has a substantial part to play in this thought, which is why i feel the elite ethnic minority have a huge role to play in terms of uplifting future generations, so that the bullish upcoming corporate professional with the necessary aptitude, and more, is not deterred along the way.


‘What a Bastard’

…and in the same breath i felt sorry for him.


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