Theres a different kind of Rape.

Theres a different kind of Rape society doesn’t have time for, and the law doesn’t account for.

Psychological rape. To have had one’s autonomy stolen, or appropriated rather, by the mass consensus of society, is to have been raped. and who decides the definition of rape anyway?

You see, I was working on a case today which, by law, left me with no other alternative other than to find the charge of rape ‘inappropriate’ for the course of conduct between the claimant and the defendant.

Now as I am a defence Paralegal going through the defendant interview I had already cooked up a juicy steak of an argument laden with oils that casted the argument that sexual relations were not consensual, as presumptuous. It was not until I watched the complainant’s ABE cut short due to her uncontrollable hysterics at the realisation that she would now have to detail how she was stolen from herself, and how she felt she virtually allowed this to occur, that my once glistening eyes, shaded.

A coercion so strong that it could cause you to feel you owed another your choice, your body, is a dangerous one. So the complainant today consented. She felt she had put herself in a position where Rape could not exist subsequently, a position whereupon society would inform her she ought to follow through.

Right now the boundaries of this offence lie firmly in the hands of the perpetrator, and the silent oppressor of a Societal Consensus.

This is until we can place Society in the dock in the hope of initiating a precedence which can remind many in their personal pivotal moments that they, and they alone, should be the decision-maker.


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