The Meeting

Hobbling to the back seat of the bus, in full momentum

a bundle of black tresses and fur entourage sat before him.

He leaned further into the window. His breath against the pane, hoping this might catalyze a pensieve like movement. 

Anything to escape the events that would thus unfold.

She teamed the fur with grey cotton knee highs, laced at the rim, finished with a ribbon.

a green polo peeked out of her fur.


Defying the lady like concept the rest of her attire succumbed to.

“I’ll call you back-”

She had just attained the epiphany he had, with a second or two delay.

Her hand on his knee cap, bare, touching. She felt warm, moistened, and

he did not want her to move, if it werent an upward direction.

Her eyes were his next assignment, and they proved such.

They, almond shaped, seemed thin and feline, yet simultaneously large and puppy like?

In fact this paradox seemed to encompass every feature about this girl. She was sexy and she was


Not cute, the term almost turned derogatory. a new form of cuteness which towered above beautiful, for she was adorable, the type of thing you dared not look at for too long incase it cried, melted or bit.

She bit.

“Yoo what u listenin’ to-” She pulled at his headphone, and undoubtedly, as it was her style to always be correct, she claspped the earphone reading ‘R’ and sealed the deal into her eardrum.

Faruq always got that feeling around her. Like he was babysitting a child which seemed to know more than she should, do things better than she should, or not be as wrong as she appeared. Like he was constantly being showed up by a younger sibling. Actually-

scratch that last, as it would undoubtedly lead to incestural conotations

For since her hand lay moulded to his knee, her warmth surpassed the patella and consumed his whole anatomy. Tingly.

Now and again, a forbidden tingle, would occur… 


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