RIP brian griffin.

as sceptical as they get it took me a darn good while to start watching American Dad

*snuffs nose at the rebore cartoon*

unfortunately i had been sucked into the frenzy of outrageously crude sexually overt jokes FG had to offer, and dont get me wrong they can be hella funny…

but May 26 changed my humour for good.

i came into contact with steve’s extremelyyy intelligent chinese friend who nevertheless tags along with a dopey crowd and dismisses any logic even to the point of allowing a pedophile to molest him just to fit in with the crowd X_X and to top it off,

they subtitle him.

The familiar unhealthy loathing father to daughter relationship is carried through to this cartoon n this produces small small LOLs

but i have come to realise AD does something FG fails to do, that is retain the story-like feature that makes us care. Care about what Stan or Francine will do if they find out Hayley is doing well in school or if Steve is on drugs. I often find myself watching FG waiting on Exuberant Crude humour, forgetting the plot or even showing a lack of care whether it all turns right in the end.

In addition most cartoons try to be relatable by conveying a life of a normal working class family, but AD ditches this cliché and reveals that a rather wealthy family with a CIA dad and mom who needn’t work a day in her life, still experience problems. It pokes fun at the ppl we all wanna be!

BUT the character that just simply kills FG for me is Roger.

forget the total randomness of the fact that he is a Space Alien… itssss his persona!

Roger could be a human addition to the Smith family for all i care and i would still love his ass off!

he’s selfish, sarcastic, amoral, hedonistic and to top it off he speaks soooo camp

😀 (dont u love him already)

he plays a pet-yet-family-member-like role like brian from FG yet when i watch him on screen i never use the [brian’s talking face] -_-


Jul 17th, 2011 9:24pm


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